Eureka Springs holds Mass Gay Wedding Reception

- EUREKA SPRINGS-- The city of Eureka Springs is celebrating today with more than 500 same sex-couples. The city is hosting the first mass gay wedding reception in the Bible Belt. Calling it "Married to Equality". After the ban on same sex marriage in Arkansas was lifted for a short time in May of this year, five hundred couples were issued marriage licenses in the Natural State. Tonight in Eureka Springs those couples were honored. According to the director of the event, Michael Walsh. The event is a first for Arkansas. "In addition to being the first city in Arkansas where gay people could get married, we're the first city in Arkansas to throw them a wedding reception." Walsh Said.
There were several "guests of honor" on hand, including Jennifer Rambo and her partner Kristin Seaton, the first couple issued a license in the state of Arkansas. Rambo says its important to remember how far they have come. "It's hard to not think and know deep down, always remember that the only reason that we're here anyway, and the only reason that things got this way is because of the hard work that was done to get us there." Rambo said. The reception was co-sponsored by the National Human Rights Campaign and the Eureka Springs Gay Business Guild, and had more than 40 restaurants, hotels, gift shops, galleries and retailers contribute to the reception. Over 250 people showed up, and director Michael Walsh said he was more than impressed with the turnout.

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