Fayetteville Variety Show picked up by KUAF

- FAYETTEVILLE--A local variety show will soon be hitting the radio waves. Maxine's, a local bar in Fayetteville, recently learned that it's weekly show- the Sunday Night Service- has been picked up by an NPR affiliate. The Sunday Night Service has been a staple for regulars at Maxines, but creators of the show Erika Wilhite and Hannah Withers have been working for the past year to get the show to a bigger audience- on the radio. "We have been, since almost the beginning of the series, we've been designing writing and recording and editing the shows for radio." Wilhite said. Wilhite is Artistic Director of the Artist Laboratory Theatre, which helps put on the event. Withers said they approached the NPR affiliate a year ago, but were denied." We approached KUAF about a year ago and told them what we had in mind and they kind of said- "lots of people have ideas for radio shows."Withers said. The two built up over 9 months of demo shows, and did some fine tuning of the series and went back with their proposal. This time, KUAF decided to pick up the program. "For KUAF to recognize it's potential as a radio program, naturally of course, thrills us." Wilhite said.
The show will air on KUAF's HD3 digital radio station this fall, with plans to move to FM broadcast in the spring. For Withers, it's exciting to think where the show will head next. "I think it's fun to think about not just the fact it may be airing on KUAF this spring and this Fall on KUAF HD, Also that it has the potential to maybe be broadcast Regionally and maybe Nationally at some point." Withers said.

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