Fox Family Edge: Keeping Kids Fed During Summer Months

Jeff bridges isn't just the "dude" in "The Big Lebowski,"or the faded country star in "Crazy Heart." At a recent concert with his band, "The Abiders," Bridges reminded his audience of his purpose.

"We got one in five of our kids is struggling with hunger, and that's something we gotta change," he said.

Bridges has been working on hunger for more than thirty years. Joining with the non-profit "Share our Strength." In Nevada, more than half the children are eligible for free or reduced lunch at school. But what happens during summer break?

"For so many kids, summertime is a very frightening time, because school's out and so are the school meals," Bridges said.

And this is where they seek refuge from the heat The local library.

"It's concerning, because you see a kid who comes in at 10 o'clock in the morning and you know they had two hours of computer time, and then maybe did a storytime program, but they never left, so you know they're not eating for hours and hours," Tanya Brown-Worth, Whitney Library.

"Share our Strength" started a program bringing free daily lunches to kids at the library. It's expanded to include Boys and Girls clubs as well.

Bridges says that the lunches help "educate their palates." Preschool teacher Jacquolyn Lowery depends on these meals for her two children.

"If they have an empty stomach, they're not gonna apt to be able to learn anything. Because they're hungry," Lowery said.

"You're not going to have a strong America if you have weak kids. We're a community, we're in this together," Bridges said.

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