Hancock Veterinary Services 'Stem Cell Therapy'

Stem cell therapy is something that we're really starting to hear a lot more about, not only on the human side but now on the veterinary side. This is actually a fairly new therapy. It's been around about ten years, but it's just starting to gain a lot more acceptance in the-in the more mainstream veterinary clinics.
It's classified as regenerative medicine, which just means that we basically take cells out of an animal's body, reprocess them, activate them, and then inject them back to areas of inflammation to deal with things that are caused by more of an inflammatory type nature.
Stem cells are really blank cells that haven't really differentiated into any particular tissue type yet, but they have a high affinity for areas of inflammation and facilitate tissue repair. If your pet suffers from chronic arthritic pain, this is a really good modality to try to help with that when other, more conventional treatments and therapies really have proved ineffective.

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