National Disaster Photo Rescue Begins Efforts in Baxter Springs

BAXTER SPRINGS, KS.--- A local photo rescue organization is reaching out to help those impacted by the recent tornadoes. The National Disaster Photo Rescue is helping people of Baxter Springs, Quapaw, and also Mayflower and Vilonia, Arkansas. They say no matter where they go post-disaster, photos are so important to families who's lives are impacted. The National Disaster Photo Rescue has helped in Joplin as well as Moore, Oklahoma and Washington, Illinois and today they began their latest efforts in Baxter Springs.

"We just want to help people get their memories back," said Thad Beeler, National Disaster Photo Rescue Director.

When disaster hits, look for the helpers. One of those helpers in Baxter Springs is Thad Beeler. He's the director of the National Disaster Photo Rescue, which formed after the Joplin tornado. Their mission is to return lost photos and documents to their owners following a disaster

"The next thing they come back and look for and they look in the streets, and they look in the curbs, is they look for their photographs," said Beeler.

Beeler and other volunteers searched through debris in search of photos and other personal items. Beeler says seeing families get their photos back, has changed his life.

"It gives you a purpose to come out here and do it again. That's what motivates us to go to the next disaster," said Beeler.

Beeler says time is of the essence with collecting these photos. If you find photos, put them in a plastic bag and drop them off to various collection sites. For instance, in Baxter there's one at city hall.

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