Social Media Could Cost You a Job

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - As the popularity of social media increases, employers are using search engines and social media to research candidates for hire.

Universities around the nation are warning graduates to clean up their profiles before applying for jobs.

“You hear stories about someone at a party and pictures of them drinking beer or they tweet something that is unprofessional,” said Patti Bevans, the Director of Career Advising and Development at Le Moyne College.

As human resource professionals will attest, one bad tweet or post is all it takes.

“An employer is trying to make a decision about who they're going to make an investment in. It’s important you try to find out as much as you can about that candidate,” said Jason Banuski, President of HR One. “You're competing against a large number of folks out there and these are the sorts of things that could put you out of the running and somebody else in the running.”

Banuski says staying in the running is simple. Don't post or say anything online you wouldn't want a new boss to see or hear.

If you have already deleted a post or tweet, remember it may never be completely erased.

Anything you’re tagged in can also be found and if the job you’re seeking is through a family or friend who's connected to you on social media, they can have access to your profile page as well.

The safest steps to take while applying for a job are to remove any post or tweet that reflects you in a negative light and to check and strengthen your privacy settings, at least until you have secured the job.

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