Top Trenders: Circus Performance Ends in Scary Fall

Here are your Top Trenders for Monday, May 5!

Number 5
Turn off your digital devices: Screen-Free Week begins today! It's a seven day celebration of life without screen-based amusements. You can still use screen devices for work and homework. Families are encouraged to trade their digital entertainment for more time playing, reading and connecting with nature. Screen-Free Week is organized by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.

Number 4
Marijuana isn't at the top of the transportation security administration's most-wanted list but if you pack your suitcase with 81 pounds of it, a T.S.A. screener is probably going to notice. A 26-year-old old woman flying from California to Mississippi was arrested after 81 pounds of weed was reportedly found in her luggage this weekend.

Number 3
Red Bull says it's resuming its marketing partnership with the LA. Clippers. At least a dozen sponsors have broken ties with the company after racist comments by team owner Donald Sterling were made public. The audio of Sterling's racist remarks led the N.B.A. commissioner to ban him for life and fine him $2.5 million. Red Bull becomes the third company, following Adidas and Samsung, to re-establish the partnership.

Number 2
A rally was held in Washington, D.C. this weekend for the kidnapped school girls from Nigeria. Their story is being spread online through "#bringbackourgirls." Nigerian authorities say 276 girls were taken from a boarding school last month by militants, but 53 of them escaped. Some people say authorities are not doing enough to find them. Nigeria's president vowed that the girls will be found and freed.

Number 1
A Barnum and Bailey circus performance went terribly wrong in Rhode Island Sunday afternoon, injuring eleven people, including nine performers. Eight acrobats, hanging from a circus hoop by their hair, fell to the ground. Barnum and Bailey says safety tests are done routinely on the equipment and they don't know what went wrong. Officials say one person remains in critical condition.

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