Top Trenders: G.M. Expands Recall

Number 5
Heads up coffee fans! Mcdonald's is fighting back in the fast-food breakfast war. It's offering customers nationwide a free small cup of McCafe coffee during breakfast hours for the next two weeks, starting today at participating locations. The offer comes as competitor Taco Bell rolled out its first-ever breakfast menu. Breakfast is very important to Mcdonald's, comprising about 20 percent of its U.S. sales.

Number 4
Comedian Stephen Colbert is denying involvement in a controversial tweet. The tweet read: "I am willing to show the #asian community I care by introducing the ching chong ding dong foundation for sensitivity to orientals or whatever." Someone sent it from a verified Twitter account controlled by Comedy Central, not Colbert. Colbert used his personal Twitter account to say he did not write the since-deleted tweet.

Number 3
It's been 24 days and still no sign of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Ships and aircraft have been scouring the Indian ocean, looking for the plane and the 239 people who were on board when it disappeared. Four orange objects were spotted by aircraft over the weekend, but it turned out to be fishing equipment. Time is running out. Batteries on the flight data recorder's "pinger" only lasts about 30 days. The search will continue today.

Number 2
The number of people missing has dropped substantially since a massive landslide in Washington over a week ago. The death toll has risen to 21 people, and officials still consider 30 others unaccounted for. Search crews are also worried about contaminants in the soil. Sewage, propane, and dangerous chemicals all lie underneath the surface of the rubble. The U.S. Army has set up a decontamination station where crews can clean off.

Number 1
The recall woes aren't over for General Motors. The automaker added another 824,000 cars to its ignition switch recall. The recall previously included 1.4 million G.M. cars sold in the U.S. Through model year 2007. It now includes all model years of the affected vehicles. The cars affected include the Chevrolet cobalt and HHR, the Pontiac G5 and Solstice, and Saturn Ion and Sky.

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