Top Trenders: Palin Calls For Obama's Impeachment

Number 5: A "Holy War" Over the World Cup?
Will the World Cup final become a "holy war"? That may be the case among some Catholics, as the home nations of the current Pope and his predecessor go for glory on Sunday.
Will they root for Argentina, the homeland of Pope Francis?
Or will they back Germany, the native country of Pope Emeritus Benedict the 16th?
Pope Francis recently said he would not pray for an Argentine victory.

Number 4: Electronic Devices on Planes in U.S.
A new rule that will require some passengers to turn on their electronic devices before flying from overseas into the United States, is expanding.
It will now also apply to domestic flights happening just within the US.
A US official says it will affect a very limited number of passengers, who already get enhanced screening because they're on watch lists.
If their electronics won't turn on, they'll have to leave them behind or not fly.

Number 3: Sarah Palin Wants Obama Out
Sarah Palin is making headlines once again. This time, she is calling for President Obama's impeachment over the border crisis. In an op-ed on conservative site "Breibart," Palin accuses Obama of intentionally allowing immigrants into the U.S. and hindering American job opportunities. Not all Republicans share her views. House Speaker John Boehner was asked about Palin's comments and he said "I disagree." However, he did not elaborate.

Number 2: Breaking Point of Immigration Crisis
The number of people, especially children, pouring into the country is surging and officials along the border say they don't have the resources to handle it.  President Obama was in Texas on Wednesday to discuss the issue with Governor Rick Perry and other officials.

Number 1: New Details About Father in Hot Car Case
We are learning more about the Georgia father accused of leaving his toddler to die in a hot SUV. According to investigators, Justin Ross Harris went by RJ on a personal networking site. He met a woman who, police say, he was messaging as his son was dying in the car. Prosecutors say Harris' wife, Leanna, knew he was cheating on her. Harris' attorney repeatedly objected to testimony about the sexting and maintained the child's death was a tragic mistake.

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