6.0 Earthquake Rocks Napa Valley

NAPA VALLEY, CA - Residents in parts of northern California's wine country were awakened by an early morning earthquake Sunday. California Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency. At least 170 have been injured including a small child who remains in critical condition. Surveillance video shows what some called 20 seconds of hell. The 6.0 earthquake emptied shelves and sent hundreds scrambling for the door.

"All you hear is noise. Things crashing, things banging," said Napa resident Steve Brody.

When the earthquake hit Steve Brody was in his bedroom asleep. He knew he had to get out fast, these walls were shaking, debris, as you can see here falling on the ground and as Steve made his way to the front of the house, looked out and realized he was actually one of the lucky ones. Outside residents watched as a ruptured gas line caught fire. Flames ripped through the Napa Valley mobile home park destroying four trailers.  In downtown Napa the scene wasn't much better - as historic buildings crumbled and cracked.

"I was just terrified. I woke up screaming, stop, what are you doing. It felt like I was being attacked," said business owner Tyler Paradise.

Paradise says when he made it downtown he couldn't believe what he saw. Destruction delivered in just seconds. Napa police say 33 buildings are uninhabitable and some may be condemned, but for Paradise, his wine bar made it ok and he says it will take more than an earthquake to shut him down.

"This is Napa, it's the wine capital of the world the only ones that argue that are the French and they argue with us anyway," said Paradise.

A little bit of humor went a long way as residents try to process the destruction. At least 170, where injured by the quake, including a child now fighting for his life. In many cases it was simply a matter of where you where standing at 3:20 A.M.

"The random universe gave me a little bit of space this morning so luck yeah it could have been a lot worse," said Brody.

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