Bentonville Brings Mid America Championship to Promote Fitness

- BENTONVILLE-- Fitness was the focus in Bentonville Sunday. Local businesses teamed up to create the first Mid America Championships, a CrossFit based competition for

the pros and amateurs alike. Director of the event, Beau Barrett says inspiration came from seeing similar events around the country. "What we wanted to do was to

create one of those events that everybody wanted to come to and I think we've been very successful. What that does is it really puts Northwest Arkansas on the map for

CrossFit events and our area as a whole." Barrett said. Over 275 competitors, 26,000 in cash prizes, and a weekend full of fierce competition. CrossFit celebrities like Sam

Briggs from the United Kingdom competed in the pro division, while amateurs competed in separate divisions. "I love doing competitions like this where they have different

divisions, because it gives the people who are doing their first competition ever in the scaled division something to aim for and aspire to be." Briggs said. Like local

CrossFitter Charity Dye. Although she's no amateur, she believes it's amazing to see this level of athleticism. "This is a great opportunity for Northwest Arkansas because

usually to have athletes of this caliber, for anyone around here to see this, we have to travel quite far distances." Dye said. For Barrett, this years success will keep this

competition around for years to come. "Mid America Championship, we're really setting this thing up uh to be up to best one of the best events in the Nation, and we

wanted to do it right here in Northwest Arkansas." Barrett said.

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