Boil Order Affects Schools; City Blames Melting Snow for Broken Pipe

PEA RIDGE -- Water deemed unsafe, for now, in Pea Ridge.

"We've had to make a few adjustments today," Keith Martin, assistant superintendent for Pea Ridge public schools says.

What appeared to be a bulldozing blunder forces a boil order in the city over the weekend and leads to a district-wide drought on Monday.

"Nabholz and Walmart have done a great job of providing bottled water for our students," Martin says.

Pea Ridge water utilities manager, Ken Hayes, explained how the incident happened.

"A large piece of equipment had driven across an area where there was a water line," Hayes says.

But, in the shadows of what's soon to be the town's new Walmart Neighborhood Market lies the real culprit, according to city officials.

"Due to the excessive amount of moisture from snow and ice melt, it fractured the line," Hayes says.

Hays says the boil order is mostly a precautionary measure as the city awaits test results to make sure the water is safe.

"It will require four to five samples to be taken," Hayes says.

"We have taken those in to be tested and we should have the test results back by noon tomorrow (Tuesday)."

And until the all clear is given, it's disposable dishes at lunch and pre-packaged H20 in the hallway.

"They brought in around 100 cases so we have plenty for tomorrow (Tuesday) as well," Martin says.

"It was a small wrinkle, but everybody worked together to make sure the day went smooth."

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