Brandon Allen's Truck, Two Others, Catch Fire Overnight

FAYETTEVILLE --  Detectives are investigating three overnight car fires in Fayetteville.

According to the fire department, one car parked at 711 west Douglas at Courts at Whitham was reported engulfed in flames around 1 a.m. That fire ignited another nearby car.

Three hours later and about a mile away, a truck owned by Razorback Quarterback Brandon Allen was reported to be on fire at 1125 west Hendrix.

Viewer Adam Zorzin sent KNWA/Fox 24 video and pictures of the car fires on West Douglas. Zorzin said he heard a large explosion and called 911.  There are no pictures or video of Brandon Allen's car at this time.

The investigation is trying to determine if the two incidents are related.  As is procedure, investigators are looking at the cases as possible arson.

The Twitter account @Arkansas_Logo posted this picture this morning of what they said is Allen's burned truck but Fayetteville Police say this picture is of the fire on Douglas, not the incident involving Allen's truck.

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