Break-In Costing Local Church's Food Pantry Thousands of Dollars

VAN BUREN, Ark. - Police are investigating after a church's food pantry was burglarized in the middle of the night. River Valley law enforcement and the church are working together to catch who's responsible

"Really this is just making it harder for us to help somebody else," Senior Pastor of First Baptist Van Buren Chris Johnson said. 

The First Baptist Open Hands Food Pantry has been passing out out donations for over twenty years. 

It's never seen anything like this. 

"We keep a pretty close eye on our inventory to know how many people we can help," Johnson said.

A side door was busted in.

Canned goods and baby clothes were taken straight off the shelves adding up to over two thousand dollars. 

"That's the irony of it all," Johnson said. "Had they just come when we were open, we would've been happy to help them in the assistance they needed."

This incident serves as a reminder of the lengths some will go to to feed their family.

"It just reminds us that people have deep needs out there," Johnson said. "For us it just reinforces that people need help. So we are going to keep doing what we are doing."

The Van Buren Police Department says the community is taking notice. 

"That's why this is getting so much talk on social media about this because their purpose is to take stuff in that is donated to help the needy," Lt. Stephen Staggs from the Van Buren Police Department said. 

But the church isn't showing any sign of defeat. 

"We just care so much about people so that's why we are staying positive," Johnson said. "That's our heart for the whole situation."

The investigation is ongoing.

If you have any information please call Van Buren Police. 

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