Business Minute: A Fancier Taco Bell & Ronald Gets Modern

Time now for your Business Minute on this Monday morning.


Forget the bean burritos and the steak quesadillas. Taco Bell is branching out with a new restaurant opening in California. The menu at "U.S. TACO Company" in Huntington Beach will include some unusual items, including a milkshake.

The "Mexican Car Bomb" will be a vanilla shake made with Guinness, tequila, caramel sauce and chocolate flakes. Also on the menu, steak fries and unorthodox tacos made like Philly cheese steaks and southern fried chicken.

If the concept restaurant works, Taco Bell's CEO says there could be dozens more coming soon.


One of the world's most famous clowns is sporting a new look. Ronald McDonald is still decked out in his traditional bright red, white and yellow, but he's looking a bit more modern, after getting a bit of a makeover. McDonald's unveiled Ronald's new look last week. His revamped wardrobe includes cargo pants, a vest and a red and white stripped rugby shirt.


Have you shredded your credit cards recently? You're not alone. A new Gallup poll suggests fewer Americans are relying on their credit cards. About 29% of Americans surveyed say they don't own a credit card at all, up 7% from 2008. Among those who do own cards, 64% say they always or usually pay their credit card balance in full. That's the highest number Gallup has recorded. Gallup says the results suggest Americans have become more financially responsible since The Great Recession.


It was a bad way to end the week on Wall Street. The Dow Jones fell 140 points, and the S&P 500 fell 15 points to close the day Friday.

The biggest loser was the NASDAQ, which saw a drop of nearly 2% (1.75%), falling nearly 73 points.

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