Business Owner reflects on Game Day Gear Changes

- FAYETTEVILLE--With the first home game now only seven days away, fans will be

shopping all week to make sure they're tailgate ready. Throughout the years, game

day style has changed a lot. David Odell has been selling Razorback gear for over 20

years from his Big Red's shop in Fayetteville. In that time, he has seen it all: from

the traditional shirts, hats, and sweatshirts to the unique items, like Razorback

barbecue sauce and Hog tissues- even Razorback fly swatters. Odell says he's seen

a lot of trends come and go. "Styles change a little bit, they'll go to straw hats or

they'll go to expensive racing gear stuff like that but the basic stuff is same as it's

been around for.. as long as I can remember." Odell said Odell remembers some items

he's sold were one of a kind "Well I've been through strange things like uh.. back in

the 70's they had Razorback beer, things of that nature, but one of the strangest

things that we used to.. that you won't see much of.... Razorback Firecrackers."

Odell said. While every season brings new ideas, at the end of the day, it's the

traditional gear that keeps his business going strong. "Every year one or two people,

three, come through and say I've got this great idea. and their coming out with

something that will make them rich and famous and occasionally something catches

on. About 80 or 90 percent of our stuff has always been t-shirts and baseball caps

and sweatshirts and hoodies and things like that. I assume that will always be

there." Odell said

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