Businesses Benefit from Healthy Workers

Some companies in Northwest Arkansas, like Tyson Foods, Inc. in Springdale, are incentivizing employee health, by way of their wallets.

"It comes right from their health insurance, they're saying if you can get your employees more fit, they're going to incur less costs, so the employer incur less cost, and the employees can even benefit from that if there's a bonus program," Chip Beard, Co-Owner of GPP Fitness said.

It's like the "good driver discount" for car insurance, but a healthy living discount for health insurance. Beard knows the benefits of the programs.

"Companies that have implemented a fitness program have turn over rates decrease by around 16 percent, absenteeism drops by 1.3 days," he said.

Plus, productivity increases, which doesn't just save companies money, but makes it.

"Trying to get that competitive edge for your company, to get a 7 percent gain in volume of work, that's dramatic. I mean, that makes a big impact on the bottom line."

Though Beard trains world-class athletes, it doesn't take employees running a marathon for businesses to reap the benefits. But a little company competition, like Biggest Loser in the workplace, can help.

"When you get a bunch of people going after the same goals, you build community, you build friendship so they're going after common goals, we see a lot more success there's accountability in there,"

So whether you work out for the incentives or just for your health....

"That confidence you gain in fitness carries over in to all aspects of your life."

To learn more about GPP Fitness, click here.

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