Buzz Airways Creating a Buzz at Branson Airport

HOLLISTER, Mo.-- A new airway will soon take off from the Branson Airport, temporally filling the void that will be left by Southwest Airlines.

The name Buzz Airways may be new to some, but the Airways' owner, Corporate Flight Management has been charting flights for sports teams and music stars for more than 3 decades.

"We have a flawless safety record, we're platinum rated which is the highest safety rating that you can obtain in our industry," says Chief Commercial Officer Matt Chaifetz.

Chaifetz says the airway will be booking flights from June 12 through the September 2, but he says they could potentially stick around even longer if the numbers add up. "If demand it strong all the way through the fall months into winter, We (would) most definitely consider extending the service into those months, if we're pleased with the result."

"They were able to react quickly to the opportunity, and come in and provide that non stop service," says Branson Airport Executive Director, Jeff Bourk, referring to the hole Southwest will leave on June 8th.  Buzz Airlines will fly 6 days a week to and from both Houston and Chicago, with the exception being Wednesday.

Bourk says direct flights to cities like Dallas will go away with Southwest, but tickets for Buzz Airways will start at $99 dollars, and the schedules of each flight will be coordinated with connections to other cities. "Of course from there you could buy separate tickets on southwest airlines."

The change in carriers will also coincide with the peak of the busy summer season in Branson for tourists, "we just thought it was a great opportunity to go into a market where we could have immediate success," says Chaifetz.  The Chief Commercial Officer says Southwest filled up roughly 80 percent of it's planes, or roughly 120 or the 140 season on each carrier.

Bourk says even with the addition of a new carrier, the Branson Airport will continue to try and bring new airliners into the Ozarks, ""We have several target airlines that we're working to get into this market...but the focus of that effort is 2015."

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