Changes Coming to Fayetteville Bus Routes

FAYETTEVILLE -- New stops and revised bus routes are coming to Ozark Regional Transit's Fayetteville buses.

The changes start Monday, April 28th, and include splitting one route into two.

More from a press release:

Route 41 will now be split into two Routes (41 East and 41 West). New service areas will be added as well to these routes to include the Fayetteville Industrial Park, Cliffs Apartments on Crossover, Washington County Operations and Tyson's Mexican Original Plant at Clydesdale Dr and S School Ave.

Due to construction and detour on E Huntsville Ave, the initial few weeks of the Route 41 East going to Cliffs Apartments will run counter-clockwise in order that buses can travel westbound unhindered in the construction zone. As soon as the construction is complete, the Route will run in its original intended direction.

The Route 47 will also be revised to now include service into the community of Johnson. The Route will also be making stops at the Walmart Supercenter on Mall Ave. The time schedule has also changed for better connections.

We have changed the Timed Stop from Fiesta Square to Colt Square on Roue 40 South.

More on their website.

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