Church Offers Forgiveness to Thieves Who Robbed Them

SLIDELL, TX -- A small North Texas church has a message for those who stole around $40,000 worth of property.

NBCDFW reports the sign outside the First Baptist Church of Slidell reads "To those who robbed us, we forgive you."

The church's pastor, Bobby Cates, said the thieves took sound equipment from the church, two televisions, two computer monitors, a desktop computer, and Cates' personal laptop - filled with family photos, along with a church vans. The van was recovered later.

Cates said the incident has "helped him remember the lesson of forgiveness taught in scripture," reports NBCDFW, and he hopes his congregation and the folks who stole his stuff will take to heart.

"I just grabbed the letters and put up the message," Cates said. "To those who robbed us, we forgive you."

Slidell is an unincorporated town of about 175 people and the church has turned to the county sheriff's office for help solving the case.

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