City Attorney Tells Uber Taxi Service to 'Cease and Desist' Plans to Launch in Fayetteville

FAYETTEVILLE -- Uber Car Service is rolling into town but its arrival doesn't come without controversy. It's part of the company's expansion to 22 college cities across the country. To celebrate, Uber is offering up to five rides for free through September first.

The Uber app connects passengers with drivers for hire.

According to Fayetteville police, the company doesn't meet city requirements to run a taxi service and Fayetteville City Attorney Kit Williams sent the company a cease and desist letter. In the letter, Williams outlines the safety and sanitation issues created by non-regulated ride businesses like Uber.  Williams also offers a warning that, with these type of businesses, employed drivers may not have the correct type of insurance to cover riders in the case of an accident.

The letter to Uber is dated July 16 and tells the company, "do not attempt to operate or solicit or help drivers for hire to operate within the City of Fayetteville."

Despite the letter, the Uber website still lists Fayetteville as a participating town.

In other cities, the company has come under similar fire for its aggressive tactics, challenges to local transport regulations and opposition from the taxi industry.

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