Construction Wrapping Up in Fayetteville

- FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- Many drivers in Fayetteville are sick of construction.

"We have to add extra time coming and going because we have to go all the way around and find a different way to go in and get onto our street," said Charlotte Sayre of Fayetteville.

Sayre travels to and from work each day. And she says she doesn't feel safe on the road.

"All the workers leave their machinery and what not on the sides of the roads. It's kind of scary driving between that and another car cause it makes it feel like you're going to hit one or the other," Sayre said.

With many Fayetteville streets under construction, folks are ready to see the town construction-free. The city says most projects are almost done. They're just tying up the loose ends.

"You get to the end, there's a hundred little things left to do," said city engineer Chris Brown. "They can take a little bit of time."

One of the biggest projects is on Garland Ave. The city says highway department crews are close to being finished.

"They're getting into the final stages of that," said Brown. "By the end of the summer or slightly into the fall, they'll have that completed."

Brown says another project is now in the works.

"We've got Rupple Road under design. It'll be an extension down south of Permission down to Highway 62," said Brown.

We will keep you posted on the latest construction in Northwest Arkansas. 

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