Consumer Minute: Car Insurance Myths & New "Subway" Product

You'll find the best plane fares by booking the week of Memorial Day. That's according to travel website Hipmunk.The folks there looked back and found historically, booking flights for the week of the fourth during the week of Memorial Day will save you more than 30% over waiting or procrastinating until June.

Turns out a few myths about car insurance aren't true.
Neither your income nor your employment status affect how much you pay.
But millions of americans think they do, according to So what truly influences your rates? Your level of education, whether or not you own a home, your gender and marital status are all factors.

Subway is testing hummus as a topping. Company executives say they've noticed many customers order vegetarian sandwiches, and this gives them another option, and a way to reel in vegetarians and vegans. The hummus will cost a bit more.

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