Consumer Minute: E-Book Credits & Doll Recall

Amazon is alerting eligible customers if they have an e-book "credit". It comes from publishers who paid up after the justice department sued - alleging price fixing. The suits were settled, and the refunds are the result. If you have one, you don't need to do anything. Amazon's already applied the credit to your account, and it will go toward your next e- or print book purchase.

Wal-mart is recalling these dolls because they can overheat, burning a child. The "My Sweet Love/My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care Baby Dolls" have a circuit board in their chests. The electronics bring on symptoms of illness, and the child uses medical instruments to heal the doll. About 174,000 are being recalled. If you have one, take the batteries out and return in to any Wal-mart store for a full refund.

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