Consumer Minute: Online Scam & Worst Jobs

By Laine Baker |

Published 04/28 2014 07:12AM

Updated 04/28 2014 07:15AM

Impersonators are buying ads to put their bogus ads on top of search engine results. Click on the website and customers are directed to a fake log-in page. When there's a problem with their "account" customers are directed to call a special number. That's when a fake tech support person gets control of your computer.. hacking into your bank account information and stealing your money. Protect yourself by recognizing the difference between a sponsored ad and actual search engine results.
be suspicious of a tech support company that tells you something's wrong with your computer before they've asked you any questions.
and get referrals before allowing anyone to fix your computer.

Do you think your job's the worst?
Career Cast ranked the worst jobs to have in 2014, based on environment, income, outlook and stress.
Here's the top ten:
10. corrections officer
9. firefighter
8. garbage collector
7. flight attendant
6. head cook
5. broadcaster
4. taxi driver
3. enlisted military personnel
2. newspaper reporter
and the number one "worst" job according to career cast.. is lumberjack.

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