Consumer Minute: Yahoo Security & Gas Stations Sales

Yahoo announced Wednesday it is encrypting all emails, search requests and other information transmitted through its data
centers. The idea is to make the information indecipherable to the
government and people trying to snoop. Google and Microsoft have taken similar measures since it came out that the government had looked at millions of web surfers' personal information in its anti-terrorism efforts.

People are pulling into gas stations for much more than
gas. The National Association of Convenience Stores says in-store sales went up nearly 2 1/2% last year to $204 billion dollars. Tobacco products are still the number one seller, accounting for 37% of in-store sales. But as more people are eating on the go - prepared foods are becoming a more common site. Food, fountain drinks and coffee make up 18% of sales. Packaged drinks are the third most popular purchase at 15%.

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