Consumer Minutes: Millionaires Want to be Taxed & Stores Closing Across the Country

More than two-thirds of millionaires support "higher" taxes on the rich, and a higher minimum wage, according to a CNBC poll.
More than half of millionaires and multi-millionaires say wealth inequality is a "major" problem in the United States, and they cite access to education as a reason for it. Most attribute their wealth to hard work, investing, and saving. Millionaires were surveyed across the country, and were split between Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

Where you go to college doesn't matter as much as what you do when you're there. That's according to a Gallup-Purdue University study of college grads. Researchers say the school you attend.. large or small, public or private.. hardly matters once you enter the workforce. It's the life lessons you learned, and the people who influenced you, that shape your career.

Office Depot's closing at least 400 stores by the end of 2016. The move comes after its merger with Office Max. No word on how many employees are affected, but a spokesperson says the goal is to keep the best of those workers impacted by the closings, moving them into new roles.

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