Disabled Vets Compete in Golden Age Games

- FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- Disabled veterans are in Northwest Arkansas for the next few days, showing off their competitive side.

The Golden Age Games started Saturday on the University of Arkansas campus. Over the next few days, participants will try their hand at activities from dominoes and checkers to sports such as javelin and shot put.

"Therapists work with (the veterans) all year long and encourage them to participate in the games because they think it'll be good for them and keep them motivated in everything," Carol Kick, local organizing chair for the event, said.

For many veterans, it takes a lot of encouragement to prepare them for the games.

"The disability's got to be a part of their lives forever. However, the games give them an opportunity to forget that disability for a short period of time," Meredith Townsend III, president of the Alaska Disabled Veterans Sports Program, said. 

The event continues through July 2nd. 

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