Dog Named Moxy Fights to Survive After Being Strapped to Fireworks

CENTERTON -- The community is coming together to save the dog now known as Moxy who was found strapped with fireworks this week near Centerton.

The Centerton Animal Shelter is behind a fundraising push that's already raised almost $2,500. According to the shelter, Moxy has a long road to recovery.

"The biggest thing is that she finally has decided we're not trying to kill her," Veterinarian Vava Hooper says. "I am surprised she looks as good as she does, given the area of burn."

It isn't hard to understand why Moxy has trust issues. She was found with a large bottle rocket duct taped to her back. When Moxy arrived at the Animal Hospital of Centerton, she had burns on about thirty five percent of her body, was starving and extremely dehydrated.

"It's difficult for me to imagine how a person would ever be able to do that to an animal," Hooper says.

The dog is starting to eat and drink water on her own, but she's still hooked to an IV and full recovery will take some time.

"Burn wounds are one of the worst for healing," Hooper explains. "Just because you lose so much fluid through those skin wound. Um, people don't think about that that's part of what keeps you hydrated."

Moxy is already improving. When she came in you couldn't touch her because she was too afraid. A final prognosis isn't ready, because the doctor isn't sure how much permanent damage was done.

Hooper is sure of one thing though.

"We need to know who did it," she says. "They need to get help, because they definitely have a problem." 

Centerton police want to hear from anyone with information about who is responsible for the crime at 479-795-4431. The shelter is still accepting donations to help pay for Moxy's care.

Learn more HERE.

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