Doing Good Report: Teen Action & Support Center

Helping kids, providing support, giving back to the community and keeping families together. Those are the main goals of a local non-profit group called "Teen Action and Support Center".

"It's so neat to see students investing and being able to feel like they're really making a difference because they are," said In Service Coordinator Chloe Seal.

The Rogers-based organization was founded in 2005 by Dawn Spragg and her husband Greg. "One of the things that we felt like was there wasn't enough support services for teenagers," Dawn said. "It's a growing community with a lot of teenagers in Washington and Benton counties and so we just wanted to make sure there were some preventative types of services."

And that includes family counseling provided by Dawn along with a service called "First Steps" that supports pregnant teenagers and teen moms. Spragg said the group provides resources that include free diapers, formula, baby wipes and other items that can help teen moms stay in school and become successful parents.

"Mary's Closet" is another service that's designed to help homeless teenagers or kids living in poverty by giving them Christmas gifts, clothing and prom dresses.

Students also have the chance to give back by participating in the in-service volunteering program, where they have the opportunity to help with numerous community projects.

"Being a teenager, I didn't have these kinds of opportunities available," said In Service Coordinator Hans Saunders. "There was no one really investing in us where I was from, so it's just great to give that back and to invest in the youth."

Local residents and businesses are encouraged to give back and invest in the program by donating money or items along with signing up for the annual "Tour de Fun" event.

The fundraiser is held this June in downtown Rogers and you can find more information by going to the following website.

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