Don Tyson Interchange: Reactions from a Displaced Church

SPRINGDALE, AR--One major project in Springdale is just about finished. For some, an interchange is a sign of growth, but for Victory Church, it was a sign to move out.

"There was no doubt that we wouldn't make it. We knew that we would make it," said pastor, Billy Coffman.

The city gave the church two-million dollars to cover the cost of moving, but he says that wasn't enough.

"The finances that was given to us by the city of Springdale was minimal in comparison to what it takes to replace our facility," said Coffman

While in their temporary home, Coffman says the congregation is still sticking together.

"Because our church is strong and's not as if we were a brand of people. We had a strong church body that loved the lord. And love each other."

As for the interchange, Coffman said the parkway is a necessity for the city. "They needed along time ago. So from that standpoint, we're happy."

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