Emergency Providers Urge Caution Against Hypothermia

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - Emergency providers warn that being outside in single-digit temperatures can quickly become dangerous.

Chief Becky Stewart of Central EMS says it is important to layer clothing, limit your time outside and be careful not to slip on ice.

"You don't want to fall and be stuck out there for a while," Stewart says. "If you're outside in the cold, you can lose body heat very quickly and become hypothermic, and that's a medical emergency."

Stewart says infants, children and older people are more susceptible to hypothermia, so be sure to bundle up your kids before stepping outside.

"One of the first signs of hypothermia is you start to shiver, and shivering is your body's internal mechanism to produce heat," she says. "When you start to shiver uncontrollably or excessively that is a sign of hypothermia and you should get inside."

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