Families Raising Their Kids at the Washington County Fair

- FAYETTEVILLE -- At the heart of the Washington County Fair is its livestock, as many exhibitors are preparing his cattle for the fair stage.

"You'll be up here 'til late, get up early, try to keep everything nice and tidy for the people to come and look," said Garland Spinks, one of the fair's livestock exhibitors. 

For the livestock exhibitors at the Washington County Fair, getting involved is truly a family affair.

"Ever since I was old enough to walk, I've been up here doing something," Spinks said. "My father bought my first calf for me to show, just like I buy them for my kids."

Spinks raised his three sons here in the dairy barn and while it's fun for the kids, he tells us it's about much more.

"If they can feed a cow and take care of a cow and keep everything cleaned up, then I think they can hold down a really good job one of these days," Spinks said. "When they go into the show arena and after it's all over and all the craziness is over, they really do appreciate it."

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