Fayetteville Band works in Stands in Preparation for Fans

- FAYETTEVILLE-- With the first home game only a few weeks away, the preps at Razorback Stadium are underway. One local group spending their Saturday making sure

fans have a comfortable seat. The Fayetteville High School Marching band spent the day installing seat-backs in the stands for season ticket holders. Band members and

their families got an early start on the installation process, as well as an early start on their fundraising for the year. The seats at Razorback Stadium may be empty

now, but in a few weeks that will change. Saturday, there was activity in the stands, but it's in preparation for the fans. The Fayetteville High marching band has been

installing seat-backs in the Stadium for the past eight years. Director for the event Lesle Merritt says this year's participation is higher than ever before. "We have about

300 volunteers from band members, their families, their friends. This is a great fundraiser for the band to raise money for their trip. This year their gonna be marching in

the Walt Disney World Thanksgiving Day Parade." Merritt said. Band member Scott Lirg has been helping out for the last several years. "This is definitely one of the most

volunteers we've ever had, I've never seen it go this fast. It's kinda fun for our band to come out and just have everyone working together to put the seat-backs in. It's

really one of our big kick-offs for the year for fundraising." Lirg said. With the seat-back's installed, fans are now one step closer to game day, and the Fayetteville High

School Marching band is one step closer to Disney World on Thanksgiving Day.

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