Fayetteville Church Holds Prayer Vigil for Charleston Victims

FAYETTEVILLE-- St. James Baptist, holding a prayer vigil for the nine people killed three days ago. The congregation lighting nine candles and saying a prayer for each of the victims. Chris Seawood, operations director at St. James, says it's important for the community to come together.

"It's time to put our faith to action. If we say we believe in and call on a divine power, than this is the time we should be calling on him. We get to truly show our witness as a community of faith." Seawood said.

Outside the church, activists urge passing motorists to show their support for Charleston by honking car horns. Leora Jackson with the Umoja Soul Writers says Northwest Arkansas should show their support for Charleston.

"Even a little bit of community, of Northwest Arkansas can stand together can reach out. To another town that's miles away and say hey, we're standing here with you. We're not going to forget it." Jackson said.

Seawood says people should ask for forgiveness for the man that attacked an unsuspecting church congregation.

"As terrible as that act was that he committed, it's inexcusable, it's reprehensible, and he should and will face justice. But he's still not without the need of mercy." Seawood said.

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