Fayetteville Offers New Alert System

Fayetteville, AR - The city activated a new emergency alert system Friday.

The new system will keep people in the know during severe weather events with location specific warnings, but it also provides the city with a pipeline to push all kinds of other information to anyone that wants it.

"This goes way beyond just the emergency alert system," Mayor Lioneld Jordan says. "Anything you want to know about this city, you'll be able to plug into this alert system it will notify you."

Jordan says the system is all encompassing, covering everything from weather threats to road closures, and even volunteer opportunities.

"School closings, evacuations, it just runs a huge gauntlet of things that you can be plugged into this community," he says. "You can check the boxes and you can take any or all of them."

Emergency Manager Don Marr says Fayetteville's hilly terrain makes a system like this more effective than storm sirens.

"This is the new way that cities are notifying their citizens," he says. "It allows us to push notifications out, instead of having citizens search for them."

But first, anyone that lives, works or pays utilities in the city needs to sign up for the free system.

"You can enter your home number, your work number, a text for notification, email," Marr says. "You must put an address in, because the weather notifications are generated off of an actual GPS address."

The national weather service sends out the weather alerts, but each city division will be responsible for the other notifications.

To sign up, visit this site.

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