Fayetteville PD: DWI Repeat Offenders 'Not Uncommon'

Fayetteville - Jo Jackson is now behind bars on an upgraded $20,000 bond after being arrested Sunday afternoon.

Police say an off duty officer spotted the woman stopped in the oncoming lane of traffic on college avenue.

"She was arrested, taken down to the county jail where she was given the opportunity to take a breath test, the results of that being a .21 which is over twice the legal limit," says Sergeant Craig Stout of the Fayetteville Police Department.

Jackson's latest arrest comes just 16 days after her second DWI arrest of this year. Stout says the frequency of Jackson's arrests is frustrating for officers, and the public. However, he says options are limited when it comes to keeping repeat offenders off the road.

"It obviously brings to light a problem in the fact that people are getting out," Stout says. "Some people have asked why we don't take their car. We just we don't have the authority to do that."

Driving while intoxicated is a misdemeanor offense, until someone racks up four within a five year period. Stout says repeat offenders are more common than one might think.

"DWIs happen all the time here in Fayetteville," he says. "You're fourth DWI arrest in a 5 year period becomes a felony."

Right now twenty four people are serving time for felony DWI out of Washington County alone, according to the Arkansas Department of Correction website. Ninety people are in Arkansas prisons for felony DWI, according to the site.

Jackson is still behind bars, but if she is released, she will have to wear an ankle monitor that tracks her movement and can detect alcohol, as a condition of her bond.

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