Fireworks 'Store-to-Door' Delivery in NWA

BENTONVILLE, AR--It's a big holiday weekend for residents in Northwest Arkansas.

Bottle rockets, roman candles or any ariel fireworks with a stick attached - are illegal. Bentonville Batallion Fire Chief Justin Scantlin said the ban is ultimately about safety.

"We want people to have a great time, but be safe. They're not toys, and just don't get  complacent with them."

One Bentonville company is expanding it's services to make this fourth of July, a little more convenient for its customers.

"We actually let people who you know don't want to get out in the heat or elderly people who really want to get something for their grandkids they just can't make it out," said Brittany Andrews of Hawg-Wild fireworks.

It's a firework delivery company that's unique to Northwest Arkansas. It started two years ago, with safety as a top priority.

"We are a family operated business and so it is owned by two brothers. Safety since it's family owned and operated is very important to us," said Andrews

Not only does the company want consumers to carry away a message of safety, but even the employees are trained. The business hasn't had as many customers since 2013, but those who have used the store to door service enjoys it.

"People are really appreciative when you can do stuff for them. You know, help them out. We've had a really good response to it so far," said Andrews.

For more information and to order from Hawg-Wild, click here.

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