Firing of Second Fayetteville Officer Linked to Rape Case

FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- A former Fayetteville Police Officer who had been fighting his termination has dropped his appeal.

A trial set for former officer Daniel Nguyen Tuesday morning was canceled after the case was resolved.
According to city records, Nguyen was fired a few months ago and cited for lack of integrity and failure to report.

Court documents revealed former officer Daniel Nguyen's firing is linked to the case of another officer who was fired and charged with rape.  According these documents, a woman told Nguyen she was sexually assaulted by former officer Jamison Stiles but that Nguyen never told a supervisor about the claim until investigators directly questioned him.
According to city records, Nguyen was fired a few months ago and cited for failure to report and lack of integrity.

Nguyen appealed the "lack of integrity" as reason for termination and Fayetteville's Chief of Police later dropped that claim.

"The police chief had identified a couple different things that he thought were a violation of the rules, and he did agree to only use one of the reasons for the termination and that was satisfactory to Officer Nguyen," Fayetteville City Attorney, Kit Williams said.

With Nguyen no longer appealing the decision, no further trial dates have been set.

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