First 'Walmart to Go' Opens in Bentonville

"This is a little bit unusual, it's not like a normal convenience store," Kelly Williams, Store Manager for Walmart To Go said.

"Walmart To Go" is the latest store model creation from the worlds largest retailer.

"It is very much a hybrid. I would consider it a food store that sells fuel," Debra Layton, Senior Vice President of Small Formats for Walmart said.

It has gas and snacks like the typical convenience store, along with quick order meals and groceries.

Things Williams said sets the store apart.

"You can come in and buy your soups here, your Mexican food, laundry detergent, just about.. paper products anything that you would find, not a wide selection, but we have it here," Williams said.

But it's still benefiting local businesses, too.

"We've partnered with Bentonville butcher who is a local business and they're providing breakfast lunch and dinner options for the customers that are on the go," Layton said.

Walmart representatives said this convenience doesn't come at a cost to customers.

"Customers are saying they are so excited and surprised that this is a smaller size box that offers convenience options but at the Walmart price," Layton said.

So far, Bentonville is the only city slated to have a "Walmart To Go."

"We're always testing new formats and new businesses and at this point we don't have plans to roll these out any further, however you never know, we test and learn all the time," Layton said.

The store is located at 1300 S. Walton Blvd. in Bentonville. They are open from 5am to 10pm daily.

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