FPS Needs Your Help Assembling Bikes

FAYETTEVILLE, AR. ---- Since 2013, the Bicycle Coalition of the Ozarks has worked with the Fayetteville School District and the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation to purchase a fleet of bikes for every school in the district.  The goal was to expand the Bike ED program through the 12th grade so students will have more time to acquire bike handling and safety skills, be encouraged to ride their bikes to school and for play, and to learn more about trail system in Fayetteville.

Thanks to funding from The Walton Family Foundation, Endeavor Foundation, and the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation, the first bikes have been ordered and arrived this week.  This means that the district has 520 bikes to assemble. 

No bike mechanic experience is required as we need help doing everything from unboxing bikes to tightening bolts. Bring your bike stands and tools if you have them.

This week and next the district will be assembling 20" wheeled, single speed bikes at the ALLPS Campus Cafeteria and 24" wheeled, 7-speed Trek bikes at Vandergriff Elementary Gym.

After finishing the elementary's bikes, volunteers will start assembling Cannondale bikes for the Junior High's and High School and then Giant bikes for the Middle schools.

Directions to Build Locations:
Vandergriff Elementary School
2200 N. Vandergriff Dr. Fayetteville
(off of Mission and Crossover)
ALLPS Campus- Cafeteria
2350 Old Farmington Rd. Fayetteville
(behind Tractor Supply off MLK Blvd.)

Build Dates and Locations:
Friday, July 25th, 9am-2pm
Vandergriff Elementary School- Gym
Saturday, July 26th, 9am-2pm
Vandergriff Elementary School- Gym
ALLPS Campus- Cafeteria
Monday, July 28th, 9am-2pm
ALLPS Campus- Cafeteria
Tuesday, July 29th, 9am-2pm
ALLPS Campus- Cafeteria
Wednesday, July 30th, 9am-2pm
Vandergriff Elementary School- Gym
Thursday, July 31st, 9am-2pm
Vandergriff Elementary School- Gym
Friday, July 26th, 9am-2pm
Vandergriff Elementary School- Gym

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