Friends, Co-workers Remember Darline Conklin

Bentonville -- Darline Conklin worked the night shift at a Rogers Walmart, and co-workers say the 76-year-old could outwork the best of them.

"She's going to be missed, a lot," says Angela Rathbun. "She made work exciting, and fun, and she was just always in a good mood."

"Darline was a very energetic person," says Brittney Gallagher. "She loved to work. She was always willing to help someone out."

Bentonville investigators say Conklin was still wearing her uniform when they found her stabbed to death in her garage.

Darline's grandson, Michael Conklin is now charged with her murder, after he was arrested in Saline county with his grandmother's stolen car.

"Our investigation is just beginning," says Bentonville Police Chief Jon Simpson. "We do have also some evidence that was recovered, so that's all the things that we're working on right now."

According to court documents, family members told police Conklin moved in with his grandmother due to "ongoing problems" he was having. They also told Police that tension between the two was escalating.

Police believe Conklin acted alone, but for Darline's coworkers, the murder is difficult to comprehend.

"I can't believe that happened, or someone would do that," Gallagher says.

"She loved everybody," Rathbun says. "She accepted everybody for who they were. She wasn't, she didn't judge people. She just cared about everybody."
Michael Conklin is being held in the Benton County Jail, charged with Capital Murder, Aggravated Robbery and Felony Theft.

For more details on the investigation into Conklin's murder, click here.

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