High School Students Going High Tech

Northwest Arkansas--STEM oriented careers are in high demand and area schools are working to get their kids into the technology job field.

Science, technology, engineering and math...
The components used to craft robots from piles of metal.
And Springdale high school students are competing this week with others from across the country to build these machines...
"People think oh that's really cool, I want to try it,” said GearHogs alum Stephanie Sandoval.

"You get real world life experience with hands on engineering, through technology, computers, motors, sensors actuators…things like that they are actually used in manufacturing today,” said GearHogs coach, Scott Winfrey.

STEM jobs are abundant, and often pay well. That's why the Springdale school district is creating a new iSchool, to give students the smarts they need to snag these coveted spots.

"i know the Springdale chamber of commerce has been very active in bringing, technical companies to this area and they need people. And we're going to be working with some partnerships with some of the companies even as we develop the students with our iSchool," said Rick Schaeffer of Springdale public schools. "This is the only one in Arkansas that offers the associates degree at the same time."

"I think the first day of schools is going to be pretty darn exciting,” Schaeffer said.

Springdale's new iSchool opens this fall and until then, the GearHogs and other teens interested in stem will continue engineering ways to work toward success.

"The fact that it's just innovation it just opens the eyes up to more students," said Sandoval.

"They actually get to see where the math is relevant and the science is relevant and it's a huge motivator for the students to, give them a jumpstart on life," said Winfrey.

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