Homeowners Hit By Tornado Recovering Without Insurance

MOUNTAINBURG, Ark. - A River Valley city is still feeling the pressure as it works to re-build after a terrible storm.

A tornado touched down in Ricky Willson's front yard. 

"The trees just blew down and smashed that trailer and my other camper that I had here," Ricky Willson said. 

His mobile home now completely destroyed after 17 years. 

"It wasn't much but I owned them," Willson said. "I lived here." 

Leaving Willson with a major problem. 

"I don't have any insurance," Willson said. 

35 percent of the people living in the Mountainburg city limits do not have homeowners insurance. 

And many in this area live just like Willson. 

"We don't have to pay any rent here," Willson said. "I just watch the place."

The city tells me some people in the city decide not to pay for insurance because the premiums are high and the risk is low. 

"I mean who would ever think that," Willson said. "Easy come, easy go. I'm the lowest spot in Mountainburg. Who would think that a tornado would come through here?" 

Willson says when he gets enough money for a new home, he will make sure to have something to fall back on. 

And when asked where he is living for the time being...

"Here and there," Willson said. 


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