HWY 16 Construction Site Floods

Fayetteville, AR - A construction site on Highway 16 flooded Sunday and neighbors are worried the work will cause issues this Spring.

The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department is widening the bridge over the White River on HWY 16 East.

Resident Engineer Jeff Stroud says crews are clearing debris in the area before the project moves forward. He says the contractor moved equipment to higher ground before Sunday's storm.

Joetta Copeland lives next to the bridge, and says the water rose up around the tractors and crane at the site.

"It didn't come up over the gate but it was down in all in the field... it was all down there and all in these guys equipment," she says. "(My husband) didn't think it would get into the motors because they were up high, and it didn't get quite that high."

Copeland and her husband own a bait shop on the property, and she's seen the White River rise five feet into her house.

"It's been across the highway," she says. "It's been all in the shop... he had crawdads and minnows and everything running around in there."

She's worried the flooding will be worse, now that trees upstream aren't slowing down the flow.

"It's just got a clear shot up here," she says. "I'm afraid it's going to be worse than it ever has been."
Stroud says the work will not increase flooding in the area. He says the new bridge will be taller and longer, improving water flow, and probably easing the flooding.

The project is scheduled to be completed in July of 2015, but Stroud says weather could have a major effect on that time frame.

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