KNWA & Your Family: Twin Pregnancies

Thanks to fertility treatment, twin deliveries are becoming much more common in the U.S. These are considered high risk pregnancies yet a new study finds planning a c-section, rather than going into labor naturally, does not lower the risk for negative outcomes.

Researchers in Canada divided a group of nearly four thousand expectant mothers of twins into two groups, planned c-sections, or natural deliveries. As long as the first twin was in the head-down position. 40% of the natural delivery mothers ended up having a c-section during the course of their labor, yet researchers could not find a benefit in c-section over vaginal birth, both groups had roughly the same risk for complications and infant death.

A new study suggests older people have more trouble making financial decisions than young or middle aged adults. Yale University researchers posed several monetary scenarios to groups of people of all ages, incorporating both financial gains and losses. They found those over the age of 65 made worse decisions, and were less likely to take financial risks than young people. Experts encourage family members to help older relatives make important financial decisions.

A new study finds a tired mind may lead to a tired-feeling body! British researchers compared the physical endurance of 10 men, once after they played a difficult word game for 90 minutes, and once after they watched a 90 minute movie. They found the men tired 13-percent faster after the computer test than after the movie, even though their muscles were equally as fresh.

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