Labor Day Shoppers Feel the Effects of Increased Meat Prices

- FAYETTEVILLE--Labor Day shoppers will be shelling out more cash before firing up the grill this weekend. The price

of this year's end of Summer meal is two-and-a-half percent higher than last year. But this trend, taking a

surprising turn. According to Marvin's Grocery Store manager Shane Beck, with prices so high for cheaper cuts of

meat, people are upgrading to the premium steaks. "I feel like they're buying more of the better steaks instead of

the lesser priced steaks they're really getting what they want now. If they're gonna do it they do it right." Beck

said. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the high price of beef is partly due to the ongoing

drought in the plains, Southwest and Western U.S., where most of the beef cow inventory is farmed. Pair that with

an increased international demand, and that leaves steaks costing about nine percent more this year. Pork has

seen the highest increase, with a 10 percent bump in the past year due to a virus that's plagued pork farmers.

Shopper Betty Shackleford has felt the effects too, but the increased prices won't change her habits. "Oh yes oh

yes, but overall I think it's increased everywhere. We still have to eat so we still shop." Shackleford said. "If I see

something that's um looks like a good piece of meat well I'll go on and buy it regardless of the price." She

continued. Shackleford believes prices won't be coming down anytime soon. "I think everything will go up rather

than down, I really do." So her plan for this expensive holiday weekend? "We watch the specials, we watch the ad's

and buy accordingly what's on sale." Shackleford said.

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