Landowner Reflects on Lifetime Next to Gulley Park

- FAYETTEVILLE--At Tuesday night's City Council meeting, a unanimous approval was given to move forward with the purchase of land  adjacent to Gulley Park. The City was looking to buy the nearly 11 acres for 1.1 million dollars to expand the park, and prevent nearby development from encroaching.

Mary Lou Dunn has lived on Old Wire Road in Fayetteville for over 50 years. "We bought the lot where our house is in 1959 from the Gulleys" Dunn said. She says a lot has changed. "When anybody, when a car went by, you almost always knew who it was you know- they were all neighbors. The kids could play in the road after 5 o clock, you know, it was just way out in the country."

Now Dunn is selling her land to the city to extend Gulley Park-- despite higher offers from developers. "We've always wanted it, since the park was started we wanted it to go to the park when it was time for us to leave. My husband always wanted it to go to the park he never wanted to see a housing development back here."

Although Dunn is sad to leave her home, she is happy that residents will enjoy the land that gave her so much. "There are lots - like I said lots of memories-but it's it's time to go on to move on I feel like. There are kids that have grown up out here and their kids have played out here and I'd like to see that continue."

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