Local Business Uses Salt for Better Breathing

LOWELL, Ark. -- - When you think of salt, generally your doctor says to cut back on it.

However a local business says the more the merrier.

A local business  uses thousands of pounds of imported himalayan sea salt to help improve your health.

So we took a look inside Arkansas' one and only salt cave to find out if there's any truth to this method.

Pansy Burkes is one of the salt room owner's. She said,  "He was in here for an hour and he didn't cough again. It was like, that's all he needed."

Thousands of pounds of himalayan sea salt coat the floor and walls of this room.

Pamela Scott, the other Salt Room Owner said,  "It pours negative ions on your body. Which our body is usually are bogged down with positive ions. Radiation chemicals, so we don't want those positive ions. That's what's setting us up for bad health."

The owners of the salt room say just one hour of immersing yourself in all of the salt can help with things like breathing problems."

Scott said,  "It's the number one therapy for any allergies. sinus, COPD, bronchitis."

But is it just another day at the spa or is there some truth behind this salt therapy otherwise known as Halotherapy.

The American Lung Association looked into it and said the answers lie in our history.

Dr. Norman Edelman, ALA Senior Scientific Advisor said, "It's an old old thing. Goes back many decades to Central Europe. When people with chronic diseases, especially chronic lung diseases used to sit in salt mines and when they got out they would say they felt better."

These rooms are meant to mimic those caves.

The ALA  said  when the salt particles are inhaled, it helps thin the mucous, thus helping you breathe a little easier.

Burkes added,  "We see a lot of people who come in here with allergies and this time of year with the pollen and everything. So we see a lot of people that have really been helped with their breathing."

The ALA added that no studies have been done on Halotherapy at this time but patients have reported its benefits.

"There are reports by patients who say they feel better. These modern so called Halotherapies try and reproduce that experience," said Dr. Norman Edelman.


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