Local Businesses Seeing Benefits of Growing Population

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. -- - Northwest Arkansas continues to be ranked one of the top areas to live in the country.

Now local businesses are reaping the benefits of our growing population.
Shawna Morgan is the VP of Operations for JJ's. She said, "We really wanted to kind of create a community type of atmosphere and so one thing that everybody knows about Fayetteville is when it's nice outside we want to be outside. "

On any given sunny day in Fayetteville you'll see most businesses like JJ's Beer Garden packed.

And a economic research director at the University of Arkansas said, there's a good reason. 

Mervin Jebaraj is a U of A Economic Research Director. He said,  "People, especially younger people are spending a lot more money on experiences weather that's food or hanging out with friends in social places."

With games like corn hole, JJ's  Beer Garden is catering to that experience people are looking for.

Morgan said, "We have community seating inside to just kind of get people to meet each other, mingle, that kind of thing. And then we've got all kinds of games and stuff outside, just to keep people active and you know doing something out of the ordinary. "

But being outdoors for dinner isn't the only thing that has businesses like this JJ's opening up multiple locations.

Jebaraj added,  "There are more people living here in Northwest Arkansas. Our population is now 525,000 people. We went up by about 2 % compared to last year. So that adds up to about roughly 31 people a day. "

And with unemployment rates being some of the lowest in the country, people are able to spend more money on places and experiences like this.

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